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Beach Cleanup


Good morning, we received the approval yesterday from the local authority to go ahead with our social outreach.

Arch KL CJC will provide two or three buses depending on the outcome of the number of volunteers.

There will be two pick up points : SFX and OLF. Not to cause any inconveniences to those parishioners who will be coming for Mass or other pastoral matters in these parishes, it will be better ( if you are planning to come ) that your family members or someone can drop you to the location points. We need not occupy the parking spaces inside the church who may come to church for various pastoral matters. Let's us be considerate.

Time of departure ; 6:30am.

Greatly appreciate if you can bring your gloves and the clippers which you can get it in Mr DlY.

Breakfast and brunch will be provided.

To defray the cost those who are coming by the buses there's a small payment of RM 15.

Anyone can joint in this social outreach but priority is for the LSAP members.

If you are planning to register your parishioners please consider of other parishioners from the different parishes who may like to join for this mission ( those who are traveling in the bus).

Those who are intending to use their own vehicles may do so.

All names together with the IC number should be submitted to Cassandra or Anne by 18th September. Their contact numbers are in this chat group or in the collage information.

Payment for the transport will be done on the actual day of departure.

If children are coming, strongly recommended that at least one parent should accompany them.
Preferably not too young.

There will be an hour for us to have our own leisure time after the cleaning.

We should return by 2pm or latest by 2:30pm.


Thank you and God bless.
Blessed Day of the Lord.

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