Protect Our Earth,
Protect Our Children


Dear Fathers, Deacons, Religious Brothers and Sisters and Heads of Ministries

Peace of Christ. I hope all of you are keeping safe during this pandemic.

I am pleased to share with you the launch of a new 5-year Malaysia-wide campaign by the Creation Justice Commission (CJC) which has been sanctioned by ALL the Bishops of Malaysia. It is called the PROTECT OUR EARTH, PROTECT OUR CHILDREN CAMPAIGN - in short, the "PROTEC" CAMPAIGN.

The PROTEC Campaign is aimed at protecting humankind from self-destruction (LS 79) and ensuring intra and intergenerational justice for current and future generations (LS 159-162). We need to deepen our gratitude for all of creation while enhancing ecological spirituality and turn it into practical action. The Covid-19 pandemic should not detract us from ecological action; in fact, it should strengthen our resolve to advance creation justice and stop ecological destruction. Climate Change and the loss of biodiversity are larger existential crises that threaten the very fabric of life on Earth.

Ecological Action is Imperative. The PROTEC Campaign will focus on one different theme each year, meaning five (5) different themes over five (5) years for the whole country. This campaign takes off in this Laudato Si' Special Anniversary Year as declared by the Vatican.

Details are as follows:

  1. Launch date for the campaign in all Malaysian dioceses: 1 Sept 2020
  2. Duration of the full campaign: 5 years from 1 Sept 2020 to 31 Aug 2025
  3. Yearly themes: 5 themes, one theme for each year 2020 - 2025 always beginning 1 September and ending 31 Aug of the following year
  4. THEME FOR YEAR 1 (1 Sept 2020 -31 Aug 2021): USE LESS ELECTRICITY
  5. CAMPAIGN MATERIALS (Found on the right hand side)
  6. Posters for the following years will be sent out a few months before the next launch each year.

The Bishops of Malaysia earnestly call upon all parishes, religious congregations, church organisations /offices/ houses of formation, and all the faithful to implement and promote the recommended practices to save all life on Earth.

We sincerely request that all of you will support this campaign by carrying out the following in your parishes and religious institutions:

  1. Print and put up the campaign posters and banners in your parishes/institutions this August. Keep them up until August next year and then replace them with the new theme posters for Year
  2. Announce the campaign: in your bulletin and on Whatsapp and social media church platforms. Show the campaign powerpoint during mass announcement times.
  3. Launch the campaign on 1 September 2020 (or the nearest suitable date give or take a few days e.g. on Sunday 30 Aug with a simple activity. One suggestion is to ask parishioners to switch off the TV and lights for 15 minutes at 9 pm, pray one decade of the rosary for creation and sing the Canticle of the Sun)
  4. Pray for creation daily and at all masses and communal prayers.
  5. Take electricity-saving measures in your own parishes/institutions. Switch to LED lighting and renewable energy to whatever extent possible.
  6. Urge your communities to do the same in their homes and workplaces throughout the year.
  7. Keep the calls to reduce electricity use every week in your bulletin and church announcements so your parishioners Never Forget the calls.

Please feel free to contact me or your parish Creation Justice Ministry teams for any help in
promoting this campaign.

All creation rightly gives thanks to you for your action in love and protection of creation.

In our Lord,

Fr. Bernard Hyacinth Arputhasamy, SJ
Creation Justice Commission
Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur
Mobile: +016-5257481
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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