The Refugee Medical Insurance

Dear Partners,
As you know , we have been encouraging Refugees and Asylum Seekers to get themselves enrolled with REMEDI (Refugee Medical Insurance) as a form of social protection to provide support during an unexpected medical event that requires hospitalization.
The scheme had been designed with the specific refugee demographics in mind , and currently being offered by  RHB Insurance and their Third Party Claims Administrator - Pra Assist. No pre-enrolment physical examination is required and waiting period is waived for all conditions except Cardiac and  Cancers. Their exclusion criteria are as per standard hospitalization schemes in this country.
It has been a year since RHB took this on and they have reached an enrolment slightly short of 15,000 individuals with over 590 claims for the past year amounting close to RM 1 million. The claims rate is very high due to high enrolment of those with medical problems and therefore, high utilisation rates.
Pra Assist has maximised their marketing efforts through many community outreach activities, travelling to many towns throughout Malaysia and have also introduced a  community agents programme to provide incentives to drive further enrolment. However, we are still very low in enrolment due to various reasons. Many still do not know or understand its importance and those who do know, may not see it as a priority. Further, many may not see themselves likely to use it but eventually end up requiring hospitalization unexpectedly.
We understand that some refugees do not want to buy it as it does not include childbirth but they do not foresee that a sick child may need admission (for which we have had many such claims under this scheme ) nor do they see that they are at risk for accidents, in the kind of jobs they undertake. Many who approach us for direct assistance are suffering from ailments or injuries requiring hospitalization costs that could have easily been covered by the insurance.
We are at a critical  point now, whereby RHB is coming to losses and is considering to  stop the scheme . Stoppage of this scheme would translate to  disastrous consequences for our refugees here, at a time when there are severely insufficient resources to assist with hospitalization costs. This will definitely push refugees and their families into further deprivation , with increasing morbidity and negative health consequences.
We strongly urge all partners to work with us to intensify efforts to promote this scheme and help refugees understand the concept and enrol. We managed to negotiate with RHB  to gives us till the end of the year at least, to maximize efforts. This is a very short time to try to double the number of enrolments.
We urge all of you to speak to every refugee family you meet, community leaders, community focals , NGOs providing services, donors , to get them to enrol. Feel free to call /email us for more information on how you can help.

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Please find here the links to the video for promotion and we also have brochures printed in different languages if you need them.

Video 1 - in English

Video 2 - in Arabic

Video 3 - in Rohingya

Video 4 - in Burmese

Video 5 - in Tamil