AOHD Report 2017


LC2018 enve insert 2o webSTATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS
We express our gratitude to all donors for their generous contribution to Lenten Campaign 2017. The total amount collected was RM1,189,825.55.

The 2017 Statement of Accounts shows the grant received from CWS (RM 600,000.00) as part of the Lenten Campaign. Donations were also received from other sources. Therefore, the total income for 2017 was RM2,061,681.90. The total expenditure for 2017 was RM1,630,597.89. As in the previous year, the Retained Earnings were brought forward to 2017 to cover initial expenses until the grants and donations were received. The generosity of donors has helped us to continue providing various services to people in need through our activities and projects.

The AOHD team consists of a priest-director, full-time and part-time workers, as well as volunteers from parishes. The team is supported by the AOHD Board of Management. The generous contribution of donors has enabled AOHD to provide the services below.

1. The Carl’s Kitchen Feeding Programme continues to provide lunch from Monday-Friday for 120-160 homeless/poor people without discriminating race, religion or nationality. About half a million meals have been served since 2001.

2. The Welcome Community Home for people with HIV/AIDS continues to provide care for men. The Home present houses 13 residents, including 3 caregivers. More than 125 people have received care from 2008-2017, not counting those who came for short durations.

3. The Ministry Among Migrants and Refugees caters to a wide variety of needs of children, women and men of various nationalities, including Africa, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam. About 50 ‘cases’ were assisted for various reasons, including faith formation, returning home, burial, medical assistance, referrals, claims, support of pastoral workers, etc. We received active collaboration from other faith-based and non-governmental organizations.

4. Urban-Rural Poor Ministry: Assistance was given to about 200 urban poor who came to AOHD with various needs, including temporary shelter, medical and financial aid, referrals for jobs and welfare agencies, etc. Close collaboration with relevant government departments and other agencies were an integral part of the services. At least once a month, volunteer Catholic doctors gave free medical check-ups to those in need.

5. Special Needs Learning Centre (SNLC) & Vocational Training Centre (VTC): Since 2001, these two Centres continue to provide integral educational care and vocational training to children, teenagers and young adults with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are 15 children in SNLC and 8 teenagers/young adults in VTC, located in Petaling Jaya.

6. Ministry Among Women provides various services, including medical, financial aid, counselling, organizing formation programmes such as retreats, income-generation training, and parish-level women’s ministry.

7. The Archdiocesan Mental Health Ministry, which operates from AOHD, is a blessing to those who came to the Urban Poor Ministry or Ministry Among Women as they were able to find a safe space to talk about their challenges. Two full-time mental health therapists are available Monday to Friday or by appointment, and they are supported (on part-time basis) by three professionals: art psychotherapist, psychiatrist and paediatric psychologist. Two counsellors doing internship were also available. A total of 242 counselling/psychiatric sessions were conducted. The mental health helpers training course (in English and Mandarin), which began in April 2017, will end in April 2018.

Apart from the daily activities above, AOHD has also organized and facilitated formation programmes. To mark the Romero Centenary 1917 – 2017, An Evening with Blessed Oscar Romero was organized to reflect on the faith and courageous life of Archbishop Romero as an inspiration for our work of social justice. The programme included panel presentations by Archbishop Julian Leow, YB Charles Santiago, who is Catholic and the Member of Parliament for Klang, and Fr. Bernard Arputhasamy, Director of AOHD.

A series of workshops on Pope Francis’ encyclical/teaching document Laudato Si was organized for the Archdiocese in English and Tamil, and presented by Fr Rayappa Kasi who is knowledgeable on ecology. Smaller workshops were conducted in some parishes. The participation was very encouraging. This is an ongoing effort to study Laudato Si to create greater awareness and sensitivity regarding our Christian duty to urgently address the ecological crisis.

Ongoing monthly formation on Catholic Social Teachings were also conducted, with follow-up and review for Tamil-speaking parishioners to increase their knowledge and skills in responding to the needs of people on the margins.

At parish level, the respective Parish Integral Human Development Ministry (PIHDM) reached out to the peripheries where the needs of people cross our paths and demand a response from us to live the joy of the Gospel. The AOHD team works closely with PIHDMs and assists them when needed. Regular exchange of information through formal dialogue sessions, formation programmes and the use of social media keeps the teams in touch with each other including seeking advice on specific issues concerning vulnerable people.

The projects and activities at parish level are an integral part of our Church’s thrust in assisting the needy and poor. Much good work is being done by the many dedicated and committed members of PIHDMs. Integral human development is carried out with Christian love and dignity for the needy and less-fortunate among us, regardless of race, religion or nationality. They include the Urban-Rural Poor, Migrants, Refugees, Prisoners, Women in Need, the Homeless in need of food and shelter, the Special Needs Children and Orang Asli.

All of us in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, each according to his/her gift and ability, have expressed a vibrant faith that reaches out to those in need – in line with the 2017 Lenten Campaign theme Following the Way of Christ.

“Each one of you has to be God’s microphone. Each one of you has to be a messenger … The Church will always exist as long as there is someone who has been baptised in the whole world, this person has the responsibility to the world to make sure the flag of the Lord’s truth and His divine justice continues to fly.” – Blessed Oscar Romero.

We are grateful to many people for following the way of Christ with us in 2017. Without them, this journey would not have been possible. They include parishioners of the various churches for their generosity; staff and volunteers engaged in AOHD and its projects; priests and religious who have been so supportive of what AOHD does; and the Board of Management, including Archbishop Julian Leow and district representatives.

Our prayers are assured for all of you, your families and your communities. We pray that parishioners will continue to generously support AOHD in our works of charity, integral human development, justice and peace.

As we embark on a new Lenten Campaign 2018 as Stewards of Ecological Change, we look forward to a renewed way of looking at all of Creation. Filled with gratitude to God, we sing Praise be to You, my Lord (Laudato Si) for the bountiful gifts given. We show our deep appreciation in a practical way by being responsible stewards of our common home, showing care for all the resources made available to us. The gifts of Creation are placed at the service of people, especially the poor.

In Our Lord,
Fr. Bernard Hyacinth Arputhasamy SJ
Director, Office for Human Development, Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur

Archdiocesan Office for Human Development (AOHD)