Ministry for the Urban & Rural Poor

The Welcome Care Services Feeding Programme for the poor and homeless was introduced in 1999. It operates from the Community Service Centre, providing lunch to about 80-100 people - irrespective of age, gender, race and religion - on weekdays.

Volunteers take turns to cook and serve the food. With the assistance from the public, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and parishes, they give food, clothing, accommodation, financial assistance, medical aid and employment opportunities to those in need. Meanwhile, a volunteer medical team tends to the needs of the sick, referring them to hospitals should the need arise.

Alvin Santanam
The Welcome Care Service Feeding Programme


Urban & Rural Poor
PIHDMs coordinated their work under the Urban & Rural Poor Desk, overseeing the needs of the poor and needy among the local urban population, who are often sidelined.

Gnanam Arulandu
The Urban Poor Desk